The Cabanas Lamu

A barefoot luxury lifestyle

Nestled into the palm trees on the southernmost tip of Lamu Island you will discover 6 unique private Cabanas on a 12 kilometer stretch of secluded beach. For us it's always been about the experience. We designed a space powered purely by the sun and the wind with little to no use of chemicals and plastic. A space to immerse in the healing nature of our island home. A space we can share our love of yoga, wellness, kitesurfing, food and the beauty of mindful living.


Cool Trade Winds

filter through the palms and indigenous woodland, the ocean waits patiently at your door, breathing slows, shoulders drop and you fall into that peaceful, easy feeling. Here lies the perfect space to slow down, reflect and connect with what is important.

Not just another island retreat... this is home

“Having a passion is a gift,

you don't choose them, they choose you. I think we all have passions, you just have to be awake to them, trust and embrace them, even if the path they pull you makes little sense at the time. Passion gives you direction towards an authentic purpose. You can have a job, a career or a calling. If you find you're calling - this is the gift." Anna

A wellness hub for yoga, meditation, massage and healing therapies.

At the heart of The Cabanas is The Zen Den where we invite guests to enter a realm of natural simplicity while our practitioners help them unplug from the stimulation of everyday life and surrender to the healing, slow pace of island life. The Cabana guests can choose to visit the Zen Den at any time during their stay for a massage, reflexology, wraps, scrubs, yoga, meditation and healing therapies.
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Enjoy the luxury of high speed internet property wide. We have got you covered, be it for Zoom Calls in your Cabana, Instagram from the beach, or movies at our theater. We have worked hard to keep you connected. For those wanting to unplug from the world, we wont share the password. 

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