All made with Kenyan coffee, which has a bold and vibrant brew with distinctive fruity tones, often reminiscent of blackcurrant or citrus. A truly balanced cup.

**Most of our coffees can come iced - just ask!!

Espresso $3
Double shot of espresso

Black Coffee $5
Filter Coffee (Enjoy the show!)

Cappuccino $6
One part espresso, one part milk, one part foam.

Cafe Latte $6
Double espresso with steamed milk

Flat White $6
Double shot of espresso with steamed milk

Americano $5
Double shot of Kenyan espresso with hot water

Macchiato $4
Single shot of espresso with a dollop of foam and a dash of milk

Coffee Mocha $6
Double shot of espresso mixed with chocolate and steamed milk

Cabana Speciality Coffee’s
(All can come iced too!)

The Latte Macchiato $7

Matcha Latte $7

Cold Brew
Overnight brewed coffee

Substitute with oat or coconut milk $2
(subject to availability)

Want to sweeten things up, add syrups
Vanilla $1
Caramel $1

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