Sustainable Tourism

The Cabanas has taken the time to meticulously design our infrastructure and operating systems to work in the most sustainable way possible behind the scenes, whilst aesthetically blending into the islands natural landscape. We did not commit to being eco-friendly to win any prizes. Our founding family are extremely passionate about conservation and are committed to operating The Cabanas in a responsible and sustainable manner. Their goal is to welcome others to share this slice of paradise whilst minimizing the footprint that this incurs. These efforts are driven from a sincere desire to preserve one of Africa’s most beautiful beaches on the tranquil side of Lamu Island.

100% Off Grid

With no grid in sight, we run everything off the power of the sun with Solar Power. We partner with the sun for our energy needs. Lucky for us, the sun is out most of the year in abundance. We run efficient, clean power across the entire property. 
We are gifted with amazing water that is filtered through layers of sand and arrives at our feet. We take great measures to appreciate this gift, reduce our water usage, and are always aware of our systems for efficiency and hygiene.

For 2022 we achieved 99% renewable energy use.
We saved over 50,000 litres of diesel by not using a generator.
We saved 183 tons of Carbon being emitted. 
We generated over 17 Mega Watts of power from the sun. 
We reduced our Cooking Gas use by over half with the introduction of Electric ovens, air fryers, kettles, toasters. 

All using the gifts from the sun

Built from natural and local materials

We endeavour to work with the island's ecosystem wherever possible, supporting all that makes this natural haven unique and pristine so that many generations to come, can experience its natural beauty. We turn to local knowledge and expertise of the villagers to design our cabanas and our villa roofs. We try to incorporate as many natural materials found readily available on the island, such as palm leaves and coconut palms, which we upgrade bi-annually.

Supporting local employment, markets and education

We actively involve the local community through staff employment and we procure our supplies wherever possible at the local markets, we use the village fishermen and we support local education through the village school.
We have helped build a computer room at the local village school. We supply the school with internet from the Cabanas. The headmaster reports improving test scores every year. 

We source local 

The vast majority of our food supplies are sourced from the local area. We work with small holder farmers to get the best crops. 

When we cannot find something, we grow it ourselves. 
We work with local fisherman from the village next door to get the best quality seafood. We get first pick before the seafood ends up at the market. 
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