Where simplicity meets sophistication

The Cabanas offer cool, comfortable accommodation for families, couples or single travelers – each cabana has its own large netted double bed, bathroom and private terrace: some made entirely of palm thatch, others with elevated coral foundations. Carefully sited to allow for maximum privacy, the cabanas are surrounded by indigenous trees, shrubs and bird song. Sited on a raised sand dune at the center of a long beach, the Cabanas share a fabulous pool and dining area with panoramic views of the channel and the ocean, where our chefs will deliver a delicious daily menu.
Each Cabana name is rooted in the Hawaiian language, a tribute to the owner's husband. Forever grateful he flew his island to grow roots on hers, she sprinkles hints of Hawaii wherever she can to help him feel at home.

ohana “family”

Ohana Cabana, this was the first dwelling to be built on this beach, it all began on this very sand dune. Once a humble hut made purely of palm leaves it was referred to as HQ (headquarters). It is here Leslie, the brave & visionary creator of 'Kizingoni Beach' lived and inked her dreams into drawings, and began building the 8 beautiful Swahili villas. She first planted hundreds of trees over the acres of hot desert sand, so she could nestle each "sandcastle" into the tropical foliage. Leslie's daughter Anna remembers this cabana fondly as a home, it will always hold a special place in her heart thus she decided to call it Ohana, meaning family.

“to the sea”

Makai is the nearest Cabana to the ocean, created from the words 'ma' meaning towards, and 'kai' meaning ocean. This Cabana is an ocean lover's paradise, it's beach-level location means you can roly-poly from bed to sea... dare you to try!

“preserve & protect”

Mālama is to take care of, preserve and protect, this applies to our guests and our environment. Malama is at the heart of The Cabana's creation. We dreamed of a space where people and nature are nurtured together. We are 100% off-grid and sew eco-friendly methods throughout our space so guests can retreat and rest knowing no harm will come to the future of this beautiful space.


Moana Cabana is named after its enchanting ocean views but also inspired by the unique blue doors and windows that travelled from a previous home and story in Bali. Elevated above the ocean and surrounded by natural palms makes
this Cabana a truly magical island nest.

“united as one"

Lō – means to obtain. Kahi – is the shortened version of ‘ekahi, which is the number one. Lōkahi means to obtain oneness, unity, and harmony. As our 'honeymoon suite, we felt Lōkahi was the perfect prose for this stunning cabana steeped in romance

“Living in harmony”

Aloha is the essence of being: love, peace and compassion. It means living in harmony with the people and land around you with mercy, sympathy, grace, and kindness. This was the last structure Leslie built on Kizingoni Beach, although the smallest it was her dearest. The wood all comes from the casuarina trees she planted on the beach, 15 years prior. This Cabana was a labour of pure love.

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